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World’s safest airlines for 2017

The world’s safest airlines have been named in two sets of annual rankings, with Qantas and Cathay Pacific taking out the number one spots. The rankings from put Qantas at number one for the fourth year in a row. The website said the Flying

The golden era of plane food

If you’ve ever been disappointed by the beige looking gloop presented to you as a meal on a long-haul flight then you may wish you were transported back half a century to the golden age of fine dining – on a plane. A surreal collection

UK: Inside the new ‘Cam Force One’ for ministers and Royals

The RAF has unveiled a new jet that will provide VIP transport for government ministers and the Royal Family. The converted RAF Voyager, nicknamed “Cam Force One” after America’s presidential jet, will make its first voyage on Friday, when it ferries David Cameron and Cabinet ministers to

Russia unveiled its new Airbus and Boeing challenger

The single-aisle airliner market is getting more crowded. Although the Boeing 737MAX and the Airbus A320neo are by far the most dominant offerings in the segment, a host of new competitors have thrown their hats into the ring in the past year. Russia on Wednesday

AirGo Design innovates new economy class seat

“I am ashamed to say that airlines haven’t really done anything in the economy class passenger comfort for the past decades, so I would say that our goal is really to change that.” The words are an insider, a previous airline executive’s take, Mr Jere

Why people get so angry on planes

Even if you don’t fly frequently, you’ve almost certainly come across a rude or aggressive fellow passenger at some point. Perhaps the flight was delayed, the overhead bin space was taken or they had a small spat with airline staff. Whatever it was, something is clearly

The worst airports in the world according to pilots

Airports can be strange places. Amid the frantic rush to make a business appointment or get the family somewhere hot as quickly as possible, they represent a kind of compulsory no-mans land for hours of waiting around. While some airports have risen to the challenge – the butterfly house and cactus garden

Skytrax awards: Τhe world’s best airports

Singapore’s famed Changi Airport has kept its title of ‘World’s Best Airport’ for the fourth year in a row, the 2016 World Airport Awards revealed on Thursday. Air transport research firm Skytrax, which conducts the annual World Airport Awards, picks its winner based on the