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Global airports hit by computer problems

Airports around the world suffered major technical problems Thursday connected to a temporary failure of a system for checking in passengers and luggage. Paris, Zurich and Frankfurt airports said they had suffered problems with computer systems, but they had been quickly resolved. Frankfurt airport confirmed

Third runway to be build at Heathrow airport

After decades of delay, the British government endorsed the expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday. The decision to build a third runway at the airport provoked a ferocious response that illustrated why a succession of politicians have ducked the issue since the 1970s. The

Oslo Airport first to offer biofuel to airlines

Oslo Airport has started supplying Air BP Biojet via its regular fuel hydrant system, naming KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Lufthansa Group and SAS Scandinavian Airlinesas launch customers. “This is the first time aviation biofuel is being delivered through the normal supply mechanism, thus reducing logistics

Istanbul’s spectacular new airport control tower

Aecom and Pininfarina have won an international competition to design the Istanbul New Airport’s new air traffic control tower, whose design muse is a tulip. Architects have been inspired by nature since time immemorial, but unlike China’s rather literal Lotus Building, the futuristic tower doesn’t