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Estonian Air is officially bankrupt

An Estonian court has formally declared the Baltic nation’s state-owned airline bankrupt after it ceased operations last month following a European Union order to repay millions in state aid. The Harju County Court said Tuesday that the bankruptcy proceedings for Estonian Air are to be

Alaska Airlines to add premium class

Alaska Airlines will soon offer a premium class section, providing a new upgrade choice and elevated flight experience with more legroom and additional perks. “Premium Class will provide an opportunity for all customers to get an enhanced flight experience,” said Andrew Harrison, executive vice president

Record profits fuel growth plans at canadian airlines

Passenger traffic is robust and profits are at record levels for Canada’s two largest airlines as they benefit from the lowest prices for airline fuel since the 2008-09 recession. Both Air Canada and WestJet Airlines Ltd. reported traffic increases through the first 11 months of

Malaysia Airlines plane flew in wrong direction

Malaysia Airlines has said it is investigating a Christmas Day mix-up that sent a plane flying in the wrong direction after it left Auckland, in the latest incident to hit the carrier. Media reports said that eight minutes into the flight, the pilot of the

Scandinavian Airlines changes it’s business model

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is one of the world’s oldest and best-known carriers. Its aircraft, traditionally given Viking names, have been plying the airways since 1946 and the carrier has always had a quiet, unassuming reputation for quality. By fall 2012, however, it was no exaggeration to

Star Wars takes flight with Emirates airline

The world is going crazy over the latest Star Wars movie and Emirates airline was quick to join the frenzy with a unique package for passengers. Starting next month, the first six of the Star Wars films will be available on the carrier’s in-flight entertainment